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Southbury Students Deliver Heartfelt Messages to Author of the Year

Stepping into their teachers’ shoes, Southbury students welcomed award-winning author, Aaron Reynolds, with introduction and thank you speeches. In the past, teachers had made these presentations, but this year, fourth- and fifth-grade students took ownership of the public speaking responsibilities.


Southbury Elementary welcomed their One Author-One School author, Aaron Reynolds, on Friday, May 6th.  More than 15 students submitted speeches, from which nine students were chosen.  They wrote, practiced, and presented introduction and thank you speeches.  Students learned how to project their voices, make meaningful eye contact, and deliver a heartfelt message to an author and audience. 


Their speeches left a lasting impression on Reynolds, as well as the students and staff of Southbury Elementary.


“I’m so flattered that you picked me to focus on this whole year!” Reynolds wrote.

“The anticipation and excitement was so evident in the kids, and your hard work will pay huge dividends in kids who are passionate about books!”


The One Author-One School program is a school-wide literacy experience that immerses each child in an author’s books all year long and instills a love of reading and writing through an in-depth study of the author.


To learn about Southbury’s One Author-One School program, view Tech Club’s movie found below. You can also view all of the students’ speeches through the link here.