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100 Days of Awesome!

100 Days of learning!

We've made it to 100 Days of school.  Just like every year in the lives of our little wolves, this is an exciting day because we have been learning for 100 days.  In some of our classrooms, both online and in-person, we had some 100 year old students join us with their white hair and their canes.  Just like any other year we had some of our Kindergarten and 1st grade wolves dressing like they were 100.  Students also participated in fun activities like creating shirts or posters with 100 items on them, making 100 links in a paper chain, or using 100 cups to build an amazing stacking sculpture!  No matter what they did to celebrate, we are proud of you wolves for sticking with it these first 100 days of this very unique year.

Kids dressed up with Happy 100th day poster

Girl working at table