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Virtual Black History Month

It has been awesome learning about the amazing Black Americans that have contributed to this country we call home.  An important focus in our school and community is to learn more about others and to celebrate our differences as well as the things that make us the same.  We had parents and staff members contribute various links to resources, videos, books, etc. to help us learn more during Black History month in February.  It has been awesome to learn about trailblazers like Bessie Coleman and Juanita Hall, the first Black female pilot and first Black Female Tony Award Winner.  We've learned about musicians and athletes, politicians and authors.  If you have missed these documents, take some time to look at the resources now or when you have a chance! Click here for all four weeks!

On Wednesday, March 3rd, we will be pulling names for students who participated in all of the Fabulous Five Google Forms for a special Google Meet lunch with Dr. Harmon and Mr. Fair!

Hands of different skin color and children's writing.  Everyone is Welcome Here