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Yay for Yearbooks!

This year we were able to partner with a new yearbook company, TreeRing to create our yearbook and document this very unique year.  One great thing about this company is that you can still order yearbooks!  If you didn't order one and are looking to still purchase one, you are able to purchase them and have them shipped to your home!  Click here to order a yearbook from the 2020-2021 school year.


Another great thing about the company is their commitment to a cause.  TreeRing's company is committed to help offset their impact on the environment by not overprinting books (we didn't have to order extras for sale and possibly not sell them!) and they also plant a tree for every book sold!  We were able to plant 249 trees this year in honor of The Wheatlands Elementary!  We are looking forward to working with the same company again next year!


TreeRing Corporation Certificate of Tree Planting for The Wheatlands Elementary