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Prairie Point - Missions for Taylorville

On December 1, it was reported that 12 tornadoes made their way through central Illinois, leaving behind a path of destruction. The town of Taylorville, located in Christian County, about 3 hours south of Oswego, experienced the brunt of this damage. 


When Mrs. Van Dusen was talking with her class about this the following week, they decided that they wanted to do something to help.  After contacting the Taylorville fire department, it was determined that they were setting up a fund called “Missions for Taylorville,” that would benefit those who experienced the most devastating damage or those who did not have insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding their homes.  


The students decided that organizing a coin drive would be a good way to raise some money for this fund.  They worked hard making posters to put up around the school as well as slide shows to explain the fundraiser to the other classes at Prairie Point.  Over the course  of one week, the students at Prairie Point brought in $1,389  in spare change to help the citizens of this rural central Illinois town.  Prairie Point came through in a BIG way to show that we care!  Thank you so much  to everyone who donated!!


Missions for Taylorville    Missions for Taylorville    Missions for Taylorville   Missions for Taylorville   Missions for Taylorville    Missions for Taylorville