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New Faces and New Places!

Each year's beginning is exciting for an elementary school staff.  For some though, it is a completely new beginning as they are starting a new career, changing their title, or just moving buildings!  We are excited to have a great group of people coming to help us out at The Wheatlands Elementary.  New Staff at The Wheatlands Elementary Featured in the picture are some of our new staff members at The Wheatlands from left to right, Brianna McKinley, Drew Effron, Lauren Tokar, Kristy Kormaniak, Carolyn Massaro, Jamie Coit, and Mary Weber.
One special staff member we already introduced this summer was Mrs. Mary Weber, our new assistant principal who has hit the ground running here at The Wheatlands.  Someone else you already know is the amazing Mrs. King, who is shifting from second to third grade this year!
Miss Lauren Tokar is filling the big shoes left by Mrs. Valastro in the art room.  Mrs. Valastro is currently traveling about the area and enjoying retirement.  Miss Tokar is joining us having done a few maternity leaves in the school district and has already been having a blast setting up her colorful classroom and getting ready for kids.
Ms. Cheryl Pavelka (GE) , Mrs. Nicole McNamara (PE), and Ms. Carolyn Massaro (ELL) are not new to School District 308, but they are new to The Wheatlands.  All three teachers will be split between us and other buildings this year and we are super excited to have them.
Working in various capacities with special groups of students are Ms. Kristy Kormaniak, Miss Brianna McKinley, and Miss Jamie Coit.  Ms. Kormaniak is joining our administrative team as the Special Education Coordinator and will be helping at Homestead and The Wheatlands this year.  Miss Brianna McKinley fills the shoes as our new building psychologist for Mrs. Ziech, who also retired at the end of the year.  Miss Jamie Coit will be working with our SKILLS population and is super excited to start getting to know and work with those families.
Mr. Drew Effron, Miss Ashley Spiedel, and Ms. Katie Montgomery joined the staff partway through the year last year as Teaching Assistants and will be moving around positions but staying with us here to help students.  Mr. John Stanciu will also be joining our Teaching Assistants this year as well!
If you see any of these new faces, please make sure you give them a big wolf welcome!