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The LRC: A Great Place to Be!

            The Wheatlands LRC is a great place to be! It is a welcoming environment with cuddle friends, a comfy couch, murals on the Bulletin Board in the LRC telling kids to be happy, accepting, caring, and other various character traits. walls, and books everywhere! Did you know that we have over 11,000 books for kids to check out and peruse during their years here at The Wheatlands? Students are allowed to check out books each week during their scheduled LRC time as long as their previous ones are turned in. Just like the public library, students are even allowed to renew the books they checked out if they aren’t finished. How do they get their hands on great books while they are in LRC, you ask?

            Mrs. Seiple, who has been the Library Media Specialist since the 2007-2008 school year has made this super easy for kids! Aside from book talks that she gives throughout the year, book trailers kids watch, and book fairs that feature great reads, the LRC has pockets of great places for kids to search. For all students, they are introduced to specific sections just for them, including award-winning and award-nominated sections for groups like the Blue-Stem and Monarch Awards. Mrs. Seiple also teaches all students strategies for finding the right fit for them, including the five finger rule (read the first page of a book… if you don’t understand five things, that’s too hard for you!) and the I PICK strategy (I choose a book, Purpose for wanting to read it, Interest in reading it, Comprehension, and Knowledge of the words). You can have the kids use both of these when going to the public library as well! If you ever feel like your child brings home a book that is too difficult for them, remind them of these strategies and ask them about how they picked that book. If they didn’t use these strategies, have them bring it back to school and I’m sure their teacher would let them come down to the LRC to exchange it!

            Mrs. Seiple, showing our Book Fair Poster. Also, coming soon to our LRC starting on October 27th, is the Fall Scholastic Book Fair! Money from the book fair goes towards purchasing more books and technology for our school. Students are given two chances during the school week to buy books as well as having family night on Thursday, November 3rd until 8:00 PM. If you are sending money with your child during this week, please make sure you put it in an envelope or bag with their name/class on it and include enough money that will cover tax for an item! Check out this link for more information about the book fair items and let the kids tell you their wish list.

            If you ever have any questions about book fairs, reading incentive programs like Six Flags Read to Succeed or the Kane County Cougars Ozzie Program, or would like to volunteer time in the LRC, please take the time to contact Mrs. Seiple at