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5th Grade Registration for 6th Grade Band

Oswego School District 5th Grade Band Registration Appointments

The Oswego School District Beginning Band Appointments are scheduled during March and April with appointments being taken during January and February. The appointments are intended for any students who will be enrolled in 6th grade next year (2017-18) and would like to participate in band. Sixth grade is the only time that Beginning Band is offered at the junior high level in District #308 so it is important that interested students secure an appointment now.


Appointments are required for 6th Grade Band Registration!

Make an appointment through your junior high school link below.



Students will try all instruments and a final selection will be made with the assistance of

an  instructor.


Bednarcik JHS  make an appointment at , For questions, contact: Lisa Heemstra, 630-636-2521,


Murphy JHS make an appointment at, For questions, contact: Julianna Karvelius, 630-608-5177,


Plank JHS  make an appointment at

For questions, contact: Meghan Fulton, 630-551-9423,


Thompson JHS  make an appointment at , For questions, contact: Dan Harrison, 630-636-2623,

Traughber JHS, make an appointment a

For questions, contact: Rachel Maxwell or Jessica Corry, 630-636-2721,