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First Lego League: A Great Introduction to Robotics

The First Lego League at The Wheatlands Elementary is a club sponsored by A.T. specialist Mrs. Donna Bornemann.  This year's groups included such teams as: Robowolves, Legendary Lego Howlers, and The Wizardly Wolves of Lego.  Teams consisted of ten students from 4th and 5th grade who researched a real-world problem.  Some of these problems include things like animal interaction, food safety, recycling, and energy.  The teams are them challenged to develop a solution using their new knowledge after research and creative imagination.  Then each team will design, build, and program a working robot using a LEGO MINDSTORMS® kit and complete "missions" on a table-top playing field.  This year's teams competed against 16 other teams at a regional contest, and showed off what they learned and invented as well as expressed team spirit!  One team went on to state to win a Project Research Award!  All teams and some amazing action shots are pictured in the above revolving slide show.  Thank you to all the parent volunteers, students, and especially Mrs. Bornemann for bringing this great opportunity to our Wolves!