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Mr. Effron: An Excellent Role Model and Hero!

One of the best ways that we can show our Wolves what being a hero is, is to be them ourselves.  Mr. Effron is one of those heroes and is showing it in an awesome way.  He joined our staff a few years ago as a teaching assistant and you may know him as the creator of our "Chillax Yoga" club.  Did you know though, that Mr. Effron was diagnosed with Parkison's Disease four years ago?  Read his letter below to find out how he is working to be his own hero and a hero for others to support the Michael J.Fox Parkinson's Foundation and consider supporting his swim!


"Dear Family and Friends, I am going to do it again! I have registered to swim the Chicago Big Shoulders Open Water Swim Classic once more. And with your kind support, positive energy and love fueling my effort I hope to break the one hour barrier and raise even more money than last year to support The Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Foundation.

On September 9, 2017, I’ll wade into the chilly waters of Lake Michigan and swim 1.5 miles, not only because supporting PD research is a cause important to me and 5 million other Parkinson’s patients…but because I can. I was diagnosed with PD nearly four years ago and with the encouragement and good care of my dear wife Cindy, and the great doctors at Rush University Med Center, I’ve been staying one lap ahead of this degenerative disease, for which there is no cure…yet.

Join my Team Fox and 100% of your donation goes to fund research for the cure of PD. Simply click the link and you’ll be directed to my fundraising page—quick and easy. Thank you in advance for your support."


Click Here to Support Mr. Effron