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Pride Award Winner: Mrs. Megan Mann

Mrs. Mann It takes a lot to surprise a teacher since our days are never the same and always an adventure. This past week, however, Mrs. Mann was surprised with a visit from Dr. Sparlin, announcing her as this month’s Pride Award Winner for “Teacher of the Month”. So, of course we had to find out what makes this teacher so great! In the words of her first graders this year, “She’s funny, pretty, polite, awesome, a nice teacher, creative, and really silly.” She also “helps people look for their things and teaches us new games.”. The personal favorite though was, “I like every day how she wears pretty hairstyles.”


So, how did this funny, polite, silly teacher come to be? Well, she didn’t originally think she was going to be a teacher. In fact, when her mother told her that was probably a good profession for her, Megan very quickly told her no “I will NEVER be a teacher”. However, when she was studying Psychology at Trinity International University, she visited a first grade classroom and it changed her mind. In her words, she “prayed about it, and called my parents that night and told them I wanted to switch.” As many in education, she believes that this is a calling for her and where she comes alive. Even if she had to volunteer to teach instead of it being her job, she tells us that she would because she couldn’t see spending her days any other way.


The reason she was selected for this award is clear in her response to the question of what her favorite part of being a teacher is: “When the culture and the community I’ve created in the classroom creates an environment where even the most reluctant learners know that they can do it, and you can see in their eyes that they want to participate.” We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Mann on our staff here at The Wheatlands, and lover her passion for teaching and her love of all the little wolves here.