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Dr. Sparlin Visits Grande Park Elementary School

Dr. Sparlin spent time in several fourth grade
classrooms at Grande Park Elementary School on
Thursday, November 3rd

Vehaeghe Class with Dr. SparlinDr. Sparlin recording Wishtree 

The students were very mature with their ability to dictate opinions, use facts to substantiate them, and express their thoughts in a respectful way, even when defending different perspectives. The students and staff were very welcoming and appreciated their time with a special guest!

Study group with Dr. Sparlin Dr. Sparlin with 2 students Dr. Sparlin listening to debate

While there, Dr. Sparlin recorded a chapter of the book The Wishtree, which is being read by different staff members and shared virtually with students and families.

Dr. Sparlin with student Dr. Sparlin student group

He read aloud to one class, and answered questions from eager students.

In a quick stop by a kindergarten class, Dr. Sparlin learned lessons from a "huggapotamus" about the importance of boundaries and the best ways to show your care for others- ask if they want a hug first, and don't hug too hard!

The school showcased a number of golden tickets to acknowledge positive behavior, inspiring all the students to do their best.

Escorted by Assistant Principal Quiana Harrell, Dr. Sparlin really enjoyed the opportunity to engage with so many classes and see the incredible things they're doing over at Grande Park!