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Community Experiences

Students shopping with staff.

Students at Pathways have been busy shopping in our community. We have shopped online and at the stores. Some of the stores we visited included, Michael’s, Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Meijer. We have shopped for items for our microbusiness, Creations by Pathways and for cooking in class. 

We have made a lot of recipes in class! Some of the things we have made included mashed potatoes, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, layered taco dip and yogurt parfaits. We just shopped for our next recipes, which include oatmeal with fresh bananas and dirt and sand pudding and BLT’s! 

For Creations by Pathways, we compared prices at different stores. We wrote the prices for all of the stores to see what was the same and what was different. 

Shopping in our community online and in the store was interesting and exciting!