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OEHS Government Club Makes Trip to Boston for Model Congress

 OEHS government club

Oswego, Ill. (April 14, 2017) - Oswego East High School’s Government Club sent 18 students to Boston from February 23 to February 26 to participate in the 32nd annual Harvard Model Congress.  


The simulation, which is led by Harvard graduate and undergraduate students, is the largest government simulation in the world. This year’s Congress included over 1,500 high school students from more than 50 high schools across the globe.  


The majority of students participated as members of Congress by representing current members in office and their platforms. Other students participated as members of the President’s Cabinet, the National Economic Council, and National Security Council.  


We had students participate as Supreme Court Justices and one as Benjamin Franklin in the simulated Constitutional Convention. While there, the students collaborated to draft bills, petitions, speak publicly to get their bill passed, and vote. In the end, we had three students receive Honorable Mention Awards for their contributions to the Congress simulation - Tom Schramek, Tim Schramek, and Enan Srivastava.


Below, are the names of all of the students who attended the event. They deserve great accolades for their hard work and dedication to civic involvement:


-Seniors- Arnoldo Ayala, Kara Blasingame, Thyra Kimbell, Makennah Koos, Lily Pakdaman, Tom Schramek, Rebecca Staples, Emily Staples, and Adam Tlustochowski.

-Juniors- Caleb Harris, Cristian Paz

-Sophomores- Carolyn Humphrey, Katie Olivas, Justin Kimbell, Ryan MacNicol, Tim Schramek, Enan Srivastava

-Freshman- Aryan Vaidya


For a complete slideshow from the event, visit the OEHS web story.