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Prairie Point Creates Cards for the Troops

We were very honored to have Dougie Stylz from Stylz and Roman 99.5 Radio Station (See link below) visit our school today to pick up the Holiday Cards we made for the troops who are serving our great country overseas. 


He met with the Student Leadership Team and taped these kids reading their cards for the troops. This recording will be played on their morning show tomorrow morning between 7:40-8:15. 


He also took several pictures and videos with the children and these will be posted on social media!


Dougie then visited several classrooms and thanked them for their participation in supporting our troops.  He gave our school and your children many compliments on how well behaved they were! Yay!


It was a very special visit so if you get a chance, ask your child if they got to meet him, check out the pictures on social media, and listen to the radio show tomorrow morning!


Click Here for a Link to the Slide Show of Pictures from Todays Visit with Dougie Stylz