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Homestead ECO Club Recycling

The Eco Club has begun a new recycling project that not only benefits the environment, but also rewards our school with new benches to sit and relax.  We will be collecting caps/lids to create benches for Homestead Elementary. The dates for turning in caps/lids are February 10, February 18 and March 10, 2020.  

Club members will be sorting through the caps, weighing them and boxing them to take to Green Tree Plastics in March. At that time, the plastic will be transported and bench or benches will be picked up and brought to school.

Caps/lids must be a recyclable number 2, 4, or 5. Please, make sure the lids are clean and dry before sending them.

For more information and pictures of acceptable items, go to: wp-content/uploads/2019/10/ Acceptable-Caps-List-with- Pictures.pdf

ACCEPTABLE CAPS-Recycle # 2, 4, or 5 

medicine bottle caps, deodorant caps, baby food caps 

apple sauce pouch caps, shampoo/conditioner caps 

drink bottle caps, soda, water, juice, sport drinks 

milk jug caps flip-top caps (ketchup) 

detergent caps, spout caps (mustard) 

hair spray caps, spray paint caps 

toothpaste caps, ointment tube caps 

ACCEPTABLE LIDS- Recycle # 2, 4, or 5 

cottage cheese container lids, cool whip container lids 

mayonnaise jar lids, peanut butter jar lids 

coffee can lids 

yogurt lids 

cream cheese container lids, butter container lids 

ice cream bucket lids under 8" 

Pringles lids


Thank you,Recycle caps

The Echo Club