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Junior High School 8th Grade Recognition

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Bednarcik Junior High School

Bulldog Community - 

The night is finally here! We are so excited to share with all of you our 8th Grade Awards and Recognition event. Enjoy the night as we celebrate our amazing 8th Grade Class together!

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8th Grade Awards and Recognition

Bednarcik Virtual Choir Performance

8th Grade Slide Show

Thank you to all Bednarcik staff who helped create videos and make this event meaningful for our community. Thank you to the 8th grade team for making sure all the awards and traditions stayed true during this time. Thank you to the PTO for purchasing the gifts that will be available on June 1.

A special THANK YOU to Ms. Welch, Mrs. Borneman, and Ms. Truemper for putting the Awards and Recognition video together as well as the slide show. Also, a special THANK YOU to Mr. Brooks for all his work making our virtual choir come to life! 

Finally, THANK YOU to all of our families and students for making our Bednarcik community what it is. We are so fortunate to work and support student learning within this community.

We hope you enjoyed this event!
Enjoy the summer! 
See you June 1 for locker clean out - 

Mr. Francis

Murphy Junior High

To our eighth graders and their families...this year ended in an unfathomable way. We understand the emotion that can take over, and we're working hard to get a memorable Remote Awards and Recognition video to share.

Thanks to everyone who put together a slide to be shared on our Facebook page and webpage! We hope that your yard signs were a special remembrance of your years at Murphy.

To our entire Murphy family...what a year. THANK YOU to all of our parents and guardians who have continued to dedicate yourselves to make Murphy successful. THANK YOU to our students who put focus on continuous improvement. THANK YOU to our entire staff at Murphy Junior High to their commitment to each other, our students, and our families.

I hope you all have a safe and healthy summer!

Laura Bingham


Plank Junior High School

8th Grade Pirate Families, 

Congratulations! We have made it to the end of the 2019-2020 school year. On behalf of Plank Junior High, I want to congratulate all 8th grade students on their tenure at Plank, and I wish you all the best in high school!

Please follow the link below in order to view the Updated Recognition Night Presentation for our 8th Grade students!

Congratulations, again! Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate!

Plank Junior High 8th Grade Recognition and Awards Ceremony

Thompson Junior High

For our 8th grade virtual promotion ceremony, on May 20th at 6PM, (link) we are pleased to bring you the traditional elements of Tiger Promotion ceremonies with the infusion of personal elements that make a virtual ceremony feel personal and special to all of our promoting 8th graders and their families. 

We will include a principal's welcome, Top Tiger and service awards, as well as student speeches. For the promotion certificates, several staff members will say the name of each graduate and to conclude the ceremony, our staff has sent well wishes to the student body. 

We are excited to create a special engagement for our families as we understand that the loss of the special event in person still requires attention and care that will help our Tigers transition to the high school students that they have become. 

List of Activities
 Principal's welcome
 Home & School address
 Top Tiger Award
 Student Speaker #1
 American Legion Service Award
 Student Speaker #2
 Perfect Attendance recognition
 8th Grade song and student pictures
 Presentation of promotion certificates 
 Well wishes from Thompson staff

Traughber Junior High

Dear 8th Graders (and Traughber Families),

Below is the link to our 8th Grade Recognition Program. Under normal circumstances we’d be wrangling for seats at Oswego High School with cameras ready!

This show is not intended to replicate that. It is intended to let each of you know that you were an important part of our school. Giving you students a chance to choose your own picture and how you wanted your name presented shows your wonderful uniqueness!

I hope that when you look back at milestones in your life that you take a moment to celebrate your junior high journey, both the challenges and successes that all fit together to make you, YOU!

As you move on to high school, look out for each other! Remember: ROAR More! and “Work hard and Be Kind.” That’s some good advice for your whole life! Be well! Good Luck! 


Click here for :   8th grade Recognition Program

or you may try this link:


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