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Getting a Public Library Card is Easy!

The launch of our Ecards has gone so well, we’re now ready to start Phase 2 of our partnership, which is getting an actual physical card into the hands of every kid in SD308!  The Ecard that you received from your school librarian will not allow you to check out actual physical materials, but...getting a card is easy!  Just visit either campus of the library and show them your driver’s license or state ID.  This is all you need if your ID has your current address on it.  If your ID does not have your current address, then please bring one of the following items as proof of residency:

Utility bill dated within 60 days (electronic version accepted)

Rent receipt dated within 60 days

Mortgage documents

Vehicle Registration

Checking account

Bank Statement

FOID card



* Please note that handwritten letters will not be accepted as proof of residency.*


Did you know that the public library has more than just books?  Perhaps you’d like to listen to some new music, or watch a new movie? Maybe you’d like to start a book club with your friends or neighbors?  Are you looking for STEAM activities to do with your children or your scout troop?  The public library has everything you need!  We encourage you to explore the library website, or visit either campus in person, to learn more! Click on the link below to visit the website.

Oswego Public Library