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Elementary Schools Virtual Art Galleries

Boulder Hill Elementary School Virtual Art Gallery

Our incredible students have been working hard this year in art. We have created, colored, and discussed our art throughout this Trimester. They have been busy collecting their artworks and were asked to showcase their top three favorite artworks from online learning this year.


Thank you to the adults that have helped our kiddos put together these slides and a big thank you to my collaborating traveling art teacher, Mrs. Collins!


Our Art Gallery is located on our Boulder Hill Website, under "Our School" tab or you can click here for the Boulder Hill Art Gallery to be taken to that page.


Please enjoy our students hard work and creativity!


Mrs. Tarro

Boulder Hill Art Teacher

Prarie Point Elementary School Virtual Art Gallery

Our amazing students have been working and learning for 17 weeks online. They have listened and watched, created and colored. They have collected many new artworks and art lessons, each one unique and wonderful.  Each student was asked to create one slide showcasing three of their chosen art lessons made this year during online learning. 


Thank you to all the helpful adults who assisted the students  A big thank you for Mrs. Manna who helped publish all the slides. 


Our Art Gallery is located on the Prairie Point website under Our School - Art Gallery, or you can click here for the Prairie Point Art Gallery to go directly to the page,


Enjoy the art gallery! 

Mrs. Collins, Prairie Point Art Teacher