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Budget Reduction Letter

SD308 Community Unit School District


December 14, 2018


Dear SD 308 Families,


As you’ve likely heard, our district continues to face economic challenges. Over the last few years, we’ve been faced with difficult decisions, making cuts that have affected every department in the district. Under our Board of Education’s direction, cuts with the least impact on our students were made. As this process continues, it becomes difficult to find additional ways of reducing costs without affecting the student experience.  


At the last Board of Education meeting, a list of potential cost-saving measures was presented for review. We’ve heard from parents, students, staff members, and the Board of Education. Based on this feedback, we are adjusting our timeline and will not be voting on the budget cuts at our next meeting on December 17. Rather, we will spend additional time gathering input and feedback, with the hope that we have a more favorable solution for the board to discuss at the January 14 meeting, with a decision anticipated at the January 28 meeting.

Last year we opened a budget reduction suggestion box online, inviting the community to provide ideas and share observations regarding cost cutting and new revenue generation for the district. Numerous suggestions were received, and each one was read and shared with our administrative team and the Board of Education. Many of the ideas were acted upon, resulting in a positive impact to the FY19 budget. In order to have a balanced budget in FY 20 and beyond, with increased fund balances in the future, we need to capture another $3.5 million.


Our district delivers an extraordinary educational experience to students, with many class options, award-winning fine arts and sports programs, and a variety of extra-curricular activities. We are reaching out to you, our parents, students, staff, and community, in a collaborative effort to generate additional ideas in order to help preserve these experiences and programs for our students.


Please visit to provide constructive feedback, possible solutions, and observations that could assist us in capturing additional savings with as little impact to students as possible. The budget resolution suggestion box will be open through December 31, 2018.


This is a difficult time, yet we are committed to remaining a top rated school system, preparing our students for a successful future. The achievements of our students, in all areas of our district, continue to garner state and national recognition. Working together, we can develop a solution to our financial challenges, one that ensures a stable future for our schools, so we can keep our focus on delivering a high quality educational experience to our students.  


Thank you for your time and support.




Dr. John W. Sparlin

Superintendent of Schools

Oswego Community Unit School District 308