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College Night for IEP and 504 Students

College Information Night for Students with IEPs and 504s  for OEHS parents to come away with a better understanding of post-secondary options, college preparedness of the student, the admissions process, the most common accommodations granted at the college level as well as the process to seek accommodations and supports, and the FAFSA process and options for paying for college. The Youth Services Program was highlighted as an option for those students interested in a more vocational route, and how this program is designed to break down barriers to employment through tuition free vocational education and internship placements for those who quality. Presenters were a mix of SD 308 staff and representatives from different departments at Waubonsee Community College.
The evening began and concluded with informal Q&A sessions with the representatives from Waubonsee Community College. 
A similar evening will be presented in the fall for families of students at both high schools; one was presented earlier this year at Oswego High School. 
Presenter at College Night    
Betty Augustine Presenting at College Night
Parent checking in at College night