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SD 308 & the Board of Education Honors Retirees and Individuals Who Have Served the District 25 Years

SD308 Community Unit School District


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Oswego Community Unit School District 308 and the Board of Education Honors Retirees and Individuals Who Have Served the District 25 Years

Oswego, Ill. (May 6, 2021) Oswego Community Unit School District 308 and the Board of Education held a celebration on Thursday, May 6th, 2021 at Oswego East High School to celebrate the time and service of thirty-two (32) individuals who have dedicated a combined total of 680 years to the students and community of the district.  The district recognized twenty-four (24) retirees as well as eight (8) individuals who have been with SD 308 for 25 years.


“It is with great pride that we gather here tonight to recognize and celebrate these individuals who have given their time and given of themselves to our district and to our students,” said Dr. John Sparlin, superintendent of schools. “This last year with COVID has been a challenge, and it is with their dedication and commitment to our students, fellow employees and community members that has helped make our school year a success.” 


To view the program from the celebration as well as a short video, please visit:





The 2021 Retirees:

 The 2021 Retirees




Karlene Anderson               Hunt Club Elementary

Debra Boyle                       Oswego High School

Jenell Bumby                     Wolf Crossing Elementary

Kathleen DeRose                Maintenance Department

Stacey Eucker                    Oswego High School

Daniel Hallahan                  Traughber Junior High School

Ruth Hanson Hale               Brokaw Early Learning Center

Rebecca Herbert                 Brokaw Early Learning Center

Darlene Howell                   Long Beach Elementary School

Terri Hughlett                     Transportation Department

Richard Johanns                 Fox Chase Elementary School

Sharon Kahl                       Thompson Junior High School

Kathleen Kalous                  Longbeach Elementary School

Julie Kirchner                     Hunt Club Elementary School

Pamela Klick                      Churchill Elementary School

Marcia McCarth                  Old Post Elementary School

Jacqueline Mecklenburg       Brokaw Early Learning Center

Debra Metcalf                    Oswego High School

Debbie Miller                      District Administration Center

Mary Murphy                     Churchill Elementary School

Sara Palomo                      Fox Chase Elementary

Marianne Provow                Grande Park Elementary School

Frank Tieri                         Oswego High School

Charles Wood                    District Administration Center



25 Years:

25 Year Employees


John Bachio                Thompson Junior High School

Lesli Barron                Oswego High School

Lauretta King              District Administration Center

Anna-Marie Kontos       Hunt Club Elementary School

Jennifer Kunsch           Murphy Junior High School

Rachel Maxwell           Traughber Junior High School

Joan Mundsinger          Fox Chase Elementary School

Dina Schnable             Oswego East High School