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Partners in Learning Compact

Students, parents, teachers, together we can encourage learning!


As a student, I will show that I am responsible for my own learning by:

  • Arriving to school on time.
  • Having all of my materials ready for class.
  • Being kind to and respectful of others.
  • Discussing with my parents what I am learning at school.
  • Asking questions when I do not understand something.
  • Finishing my homework and reading outside of school.
  • Participating in school or community clubs and/or activities.


As a parent, I will support learning by:

  • Talking with my child about school.
  • Staying informed of school expectations, events and activities by reading notices provided by the classroom teacher or school.
  • Ensuring that my child is well rested.
  • Encouraging good study habits such as providing a quiet area to study.
  • Helping my child understand the importance of respectful behavior.
  • Attend one or all, if possible, of the following types of school activities: Preview Night, Curriculum Night, Parent Teacher Conferences, Parent Information Nights.
  • Encouraging my child to participate in school or community-based clubs or activities.


As a teacher, I will support student learning by:

  • Providing clear expectations for learning and behavior.
  • Providing motivating and engaging student experiences.
  • Communicating regularly with students and parents regarding student progress.
  • Providing instructional support that meets the needs of a variety of ability levels.
  • Welcoming and providing opportunities for parent involvement.
  • Fostering the love of learning.
  • Encouraging students to be involved in a variety of school or community-based activities.