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Calendar Sync Repair

To fix the google sync please do the following:
  1. Login to the website - On the top go to User Options - Login or if you have gone to the Intranet today you will already be logged in.
  2. Go to the Calendar page - It should say Edit Page on it - if not go back to the top of the page and you will see the small black drop down boxes and click Site Manager
  3. Click on the word Calendar
  4. Click on the gray pencil
  5. Go to the very top right hand corner and click on App Options
  6. You will find the Google Calendar Integration - where you will first Remove your sync and save/exit the calendar app.
  7. Go to Google Calendar and make sure your calendar is a Public Calendar
  8. Please go to the following page and you should see: Web Community Manager Has access to Google Calendar  If you see this, remove the token.
  9. Go back to schoolwires calendar app and app options.  Add a google connection.  Then resync the calendar and approve the web community manager access to your google account. 
  10. Save and close the app.