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Board of Education Meeting Summary: 11.14.22

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3. Call to Order - Public Session (7:15 pm)

3.1 Roll Call

3.2 Pledge of Allegiance

4. Recognitions

4.1 School Board Member Day

November 15th is National School Board Member Appreciation Day. Thanks to our volunteer Board Members who serve our district with countless hours of their time. 


5. Public Comment

5.1 Opportunity for the Public to address the Board of Education

One parent spoke, the comment can be heard in the video recording.

6. Presentation

6.1 State Report Card Data and Improvement Efforts

A summary of the Illinois Report Card data was shared by Associate Superintendent Faith Dahlquist. All SD 308 schools are either commendable or exemplary in summative designation. Data was compared between SD 308 and four neighboring districts in student growth rates, district spending, staffing, and student demographics. 

IAR Reading Data: SD308, like districts around the state, is not at precovid levels yet; we are slightly above the state average for “all”. Our growth rates are lower than the state in every demographic group other than Black students.

SAT Key Findings: We score better than all the comparison districts except for 204 in the demographic groups of all, low income, girls, and White students. Our boy/girl opportunity gap is larger than the comparison districts. We score better than the state in all demographic groups other than Asian.

IAR Math Data: SD308, like districts around the state, is not at precovid levels yet. We are above the state average in all demographic groups other than Asian. We have opportunity gaps with girls scoring lower than boys and Black and Hispanic students scoring lower than White Students. Grade 3 has the highest proficiency. Our growth rates are higher than the state in every demographic group other than Asian.

Math SAT Findings:  Our low-income and Asian groups have a lower percentage proficiency than the state. All other demographic groups are higher than the state. We score better than all the comparison districts except for 204 in the demographic groups of all, non-low income, boys, girls, and White students. 

Information was shared on how the district is focused on improving student achievement and scores, along with points from both the literacy and math frameworks. District improvement and design teams are focused on these areas for improvement, sharing best practices and expanding staff development. Additional staff, programs, resources have been added within the district for improvement. Additional information can be found in the presentation and on the full state report card



7.1 Superintendent's Report

  • Fall Athletic Accomplishments: 

    • 1st time in district history, both the boys and girl’s Cross Country teams from both high schools qualified for the state final.  The OE girls finished 18th and the OHS girls finished 21st with Audra Soderlind from OHS finishing 19th as an individual.  The OEHS Boys finished 15th with Parker Nold finishing 8th as an individual, while the OHS Boys finished 25th.

    • OEHS girl’s volleyball team set the school record for the most wins and won the programs 1st ever regional title.  

    • Girls Swim and Dive Co-op, Katie Malm was the Sectional Champion in diving and advanced to State.  The team finished 4th at the Sectional and the following swimmers advanced to State - Chloe Diner, Katie Gresik, Caitlin Stoddard, Maddie Liska, and Juliana Pignato. 

  • Wednesday, November 16, the second meeting of the Community Advisory Committee at Oswego East from 6-7:30 pm. This committee meeting is open to the public to listen to and watch the conversation and dialogue and participate in public comment.

  • Earlier this school year we had a presentation from Mr. Bell and Mr. Frieders on what we are doing to increase safety in our schools. Additional updates were shared. 

  • At this weekend’s Triple I Conference- admin, students and BOE presenting in Chicago on “Amplifying Student Voice with a Seat at the Board Table”

  • Currently in the process of increasing  the number of students that are on the Superintendent Student Advisory Committee. 

  • Dr. Waller and the student coalition presented at the Amplify event that was held on November 3 at OE. The focus of the event was on mental health.


7.2 Board Member Comments

President Simelton shared information about the Board of Education Public Forum which was held last Monday. Board Members sat at tables to interact with staff and community members regarding a specific topic, in order to help grow engagement and interactive 2-way conversation with attendees. Board members shared summaries of what happened at the topic tables. 

Mr. Ploger and Mr. Cirone shared about their visits to schools recently. 


7.3 Board Committee Reports

Equity Committee: English Learners were discussed, multi-lingual enrollment is at 12% (over 2,000 students). Elevated growth in high schools with recent move-in students new to the district and EL programming. The vast majority of SD 308 EL students are born in the US. Multilingualism is an important skill, it provides students growth and opportunities- including deaf, hard of hearing sign language, and in a broad sense also the language of music or math. Discussion of low enrollment at Boulder Hill for English speaking students in Dual-Language. Growth across the EL programs is causing space issues, a possible 3rd elementary location was discussed. Junior high engagement concerns were discussed. 


7.4 Student Ambassador Report

Finalized application for the student advisory committee was distributed today, responses are due Nov. 22. Currently the committee includes 7 students, the desire is to increase committee participation in order to best represent the student body. The committee desires exploration of mental health dimensions and how to address them, however the expansion of the committee will provide a better understanding. The committee members are preparing for their attendance at the Triple I conference in Chicago, where they will participate in a presentation about student voice. 


8. Approve Consent Agenda

8.1 Minutes from previous Meetings

    BOE Meeting 10.24 and Public Forum 11.7

8.2 Acknowledgement of Freedom of Information (FOIA) Requests

      Motion to Approve Consent Agenda passed 6-0.

9. Information

9.1 Financial Statements

9.2 Cyber Security Contract

A presentation was shared by Technology Directors Brent Kiger and Kevin McDonald. 

Cyber-security has always been a concern in education, however; there has been a dramatic increase in attacks to the educational sector over the last few years. Not only have they increased in frequency but also in complexity and variety. The typical security measures of anti-virus software and firewalls aren’t enough to adequately protect any dynamic environment. A security plan has to be built in layers that address prevention, education, preparedness, detection, and response. The directors recommend that the district enter into a contract with Sentinel Technologies Inc. and Darktrace to provide a Security Operations Center (SOC) and a software/hardware solution that will help monitor, detect, analyze, and respond to any threats needing attention. 

The SOC will provide 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting with human intervention when a threat is detected. If a threat is found, they will alert the district and help triage the situation.  If needed, they would also be able to come onsite to assist with recovery at a discounted hourly rate. Having this service would expedite response and recovery times if anything were to happen since they would be familiar with the district’s internal infrastructure.

9.3 Vendor and Contract Reports

Being shared with the Board of Education is an updated list of Vendors and Contracts for the 2022-23 school year representing a cost, or accumulated cost, of $20,000 and higher.  This updated list includes 74 contractual agreements and 140 vendors for a total cost representing $75,764,640.  Keep in mind that this total may be representative of multi-year contracts.

9.4 Resolution for Property Tax Appeal Intervention

This resolution allows the Assistant Superintendent of Operations/CSBO the authority to determine which appeals warrant intervention before the Kendall, Kane, and Will County Boards of Review and the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board and authorizes and directs Whitt Law LLC to file Requests to Intervene in such appeals as directed by the Assistant Superintendent of Operations/CSBO on the School District's behalf and to represent the Board of Education.  Further, the Board of Education delegates to its Assistant Superintendent of Operations/CSBO the authority to take such actions as are necessary and in the best interests of the School District in those proceedings, including but not limited to hiring an appraiser, engaging in settlement negotiations, settling such proceedings, or preparing for and participating in administrative hearing(s), upon the advice of counsel.

9.5 2022 Tax Levy

Taxing bodies in Illinois must adopt and file their tax levies by the last Tuesday in December. In order to comply with Truth in Taxation a taxing body must estimate the tentative levy, calculate the percentage increase over the previous year's tax extension and if in excess of five percent (5.0%) of the previous year's extension, and conduct a public hearing prior to final adoption. Due to the CPI being 5%, the 2022 tax levy represents a 9.58% increase over the prior year extension of $110,798,402.  While requesting $121,407,687, out of the 9.58%, 5.0% represents the CPI (Consumer Price Index) and the remaining 4.58% is an estimate based on the new construction estimates of $20 million. Since the new construction amount is not known at the time of levy, overestimating these values captures all the dollars from the new construction if an unforeseen increase in EAV occurs.

The 2022 levy is the amount the District has requested. The final amount the district will collect (extension) is calculated in March or April of 2023. In the spring of 2023, when final equalized assessed valuation and new construction figures are known, the county clerks’ offices will determine tax rates and extensions of the taxes levied within the constraints of the school district’s tax rate limitations and the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law (PTELL).       


9.6 Student Information System

On July 20th, SD 308 received notification that the current Student Information System (SIS) - Tyler SIS will no longer be supported starting in the 2023 - 2024 school year. In order to know the most important components to a new SIS, a staff survey was conducted with 561 responses across several employee roles. A multi-disciplinary team of 52 individuals was formed to interview potential vendors and demo products, the vendors were Infinite Campus, Power School, Skyward and Synergy. At the December 5th Board of Education meeting, a recommendation for vendor choice will be presented. Migration of student information and data must start as soon as possible in order to be ready for implementation in Summer 2023. School and district staff training for implementation of new SIS will begin in Spring 2023.

10. Action Items

10.1 Approval of Bills for Payment

        Motion Passed 5-0-1 (abstain)

10.2 Policies Second Read and Approval: Section 2: School Board (2:260, 2:265) Section 4: Operational Services (4:60, 4:140) Section 5: General Personnel (5:10, 5:20) Section 7: Students (7:20)

        Motion Passed 6-0

10.3 Approval of Fuel Bid for Transportation

       Motion Passed 6-0

10.4 Approval of Building Administrator Contract

       Motion Passed 6-0

10.5 Approval of Personnel Report (MOTION WAS MADE TO MOVE THIS ITEM AHEAD OF ITEM 9.4)

      Motion Passed 5-1

11. Adjournment

11.1 Adjourn

Motion to adjourn at 10:46pm