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Push Coin Instructions

Follow these steps to create and link your parent account to your student.
  • Go to Use the latest internet browsers as they are the most secure.
  • Sign up as a parent or guardian. Either click on I don't have an account and fill out the form or use an accelerated sign up by clicking on the Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn or Hotmail links.
  • Add your student to your PushCoin account by clicking Add User. Enter the unique PushCoin Registration Code, which should have been emailed to you, or contact your child’s school and ask them to email it to you again, or click Find Student. (New students in the district will not show up in PushCoin until they have been entered in our student software so please be patient if you don’t see them listed right away. It may take 1-2 weeks for them to show up in PushCoin. IF YOU ARE A KINDERGARTEN PARENT: You will not receive a code until your student is active in the system.)
  • Information about the student should appear on the screen. Verify the information is correct and click Confirm.
If you have multiple students, repeat steps 3-4 for each of the students.
  • When school fees appear on your students' account you will see a red negative balance under Fees Balance.  You can review the assigned fees under Statements tab on the left side. To pay for school fees, click Pay Fees.
  • If you have a positive balance in your student's wallet, you can use that balance to pay for school fees or make a purchase on the webstore (friendly reminder: don't forget to keep a balance there for your student's purchases in the school cafeteria).
  • If you are using a credit or debit card to pay for school fees or add funds to your student's wallet, you will need to enter the CVV number that's on the back of the card.
  • Set up your payment method by clicking on Accounts and then click on Add source:
    • Electronic check (eCheck).
    • Credit Card or Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover).
  • To add funds to your student wallet/lunch account, click Users and Fund Wallet.
  • What is the difference between the wallet and fees?
    • The wallet is used for lunch charges, optional purchases through the web store.
    • The fees side is used for district charged registration, course, club, activity charges.
  • Can I move money between the wallet and fees if I have a positive balance?
    • Yes, there is a move funds option. This is also available to move between students. If you have trouble with this, contact
  • Is there a minimum funding amount?
    • No, at this time there is not. 
  • Is there a phone number for PushCoin?
    • Yes, there is a district phone line for PushCoin questions and support, it’s 630-636-4672.  Please leave your student's name, your name, student ID and question and we will return your message in the order in which it was received.
  • Can I sign up for a Payment Plan on PushCoin?
    • Yes, this option is new to the system. Please see the payment plan tab for instructions. 
  • One of my students graduated/is no longer in the district, does my plan get deleted/adjusted?
    • When your student graduates/leaves the district, contact the business office to let us know that you want to terminate or adjust your payments. 
  • Does my plan stop when my balance is at $0?
    • We will not pull any payments while the balance is at $0,  however, your plan will continue when new fees are posted as per the written agreement at the bottom of the form. If you wish to terminate your plan, notify PushCoin support 14 days prior to payment authorization -  Please be aware of our "pay to play" eligibility policies for student activities and conveniences. 

Fee Waiver Process

Fee Waiver Application Process for School Year 2023-2024
The Board of Education adopted policy 4.140, Waiver of Student Fees, on May 12, 2014. BOE Policies

Students identified as Direct Certification through the Illinois State Board of Education will automatically be eligible for fee waivers and will not need to apply. Homeless, migrant or runaway students are automatically eligible for fee waivers and need not apply.  Parents of students who did not receive a notification letter granting benefits for School Year 24 due to their SNAP, TANF or Income-based Medicaid, will be required to complete an additional application for fee waiver with supporting documentation of family size and income. Supporting documentation will be required at the time of application. Parents are asked to submit their application for fee waiver at their child’s school. You can save time and effort by checking to see if you are eligible before filling out the waiver form. 

Documentation Required:
  • Income Verification (all inclusive) *
  • Earnings/Wages/Salary for each job
  • Unemployment Compensation/Disability/or Worker’s Compensation
  • Social Security/Pensions/Retirement/VA Benefits/Strike Benefits
  • Child Support/Alimony
  • All Other Income
  • If you have no income, you will be required to sign and notarize an affidavit attesting to no income.
The application for fee waiver will not affect the process that is currently in place for students qualifying for free or reduced meals through the National School Lunch Program.  You will still need to complete a separate application for free or reduced meals for the school year 2023-24 through the National School Lunch Program as it is now available. Please note:  Application for Free or Reduced Meals is now available to be submitted online if you choose to do so.  If you choose to submit paper copies, please send/drop them off at your child's school office or email it to
The fee waiver application and instructions are available below. For immediate questions, please contact the District’s Business Office at 630-636-3184 or your child’s school directly. Below you will see an example of a fee waiver application. 

Payment Plans

Payment plans can now be set up by parents in PushCoin and no longer have to be filled out and turned into the Business Office. Please log in to PushCoin here.
For instructions on how to set up the payment plan please view the Fee Files.

Refund Policy

The PushCoin system is used for all student payments to the District, including student fee payments and purchases in the cafeteria, bookstore and webstore. No refunds will be given on deliverable items such as, but not limited to, the following: P.E. uniforms, handbooks, ID’s, parking permits, activity passes, yearbooks, goggles, locks, etc. Course fees may be refunded in the event of a schedule change. When a schedule change results in a refund of course fees, the refund will be made to your student’s PushCoin wallet. Balances in a student wallet can be used to pay fees and for purchases in the cafeteria, bookstore, and District webstore.
Contributions to a student’s PushCoin wallet should be made in amounts that reasonably can be expended by the student each school year. As long as your student remains in the District, no refund from a student wallet will be issued. Refunds from a student wallet will only be processed when there is a qualifying event: graduation or transfer out of the District. Parents/guardians of graduating seniors and students transferring out of the District must complete a refund request to receive a refund or a transfer to sibling request to transfer the graduate’s money to a sibling. For either transaction, click on the dollar amount that you want to transfer under Wallet Balance and complete the information as indicated. No automatic refunds will occur. ALL refunds will be made by check to the requestor.
How to request a balance refund?
Before you request a full refund of your student’s balance, keep in mind:
  • You can always transfer – Move Money – any outstanding balance to another child in your PushCoin account, free of charge.
  • If your child advances to the next grade, but stays within the same school or school district, you can leave the balance for use in the next school year.
If your child graduates from the school or you are moving out and will no longer be using PushCoin for lunches or other school purchases, follow these simple steps to request a balance refund.
  • Login to your PushCoin account as usual.
  • Activate the menu (three dots) next to your student profile picture. Choose Balance refund.
  • Fill out the form and click Request Refund. Your request will be go directly to your school district’s business office.
Tip: If you have multiple students with balances, we recommend consolidating all their balances under one student using move funds, then requesting a single balance refund.