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Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions For Rental of District Facilities

Terms and Conditions For Rental of District Facilities

General Terms

Rental Contract and Insurance: The rental of school property and the submission of a certificate of insurance must be completed via the online system and approved by the site administrator before facilities may be used. In addition to the terms and conditions set forth here, renters may access a copy of the "Rules, Regulations and Fees for Rental of School Property" ("Rules"), which shall be considered part of this contract on the facility rental site.
Right to Deny Rental: The district reserves the right to deny any rental request. The district may cancel the use of the facility on the date(s) specified in the contract by notifying the renter via telephone, email, messenger, or letter to the address provided in the contract at any time before any scheduled use. The district also reserves the right to refund payments made in advance if the board decides that the contract is not in the best interest of the district.
Indemnification: The renter must complete the Facility Rental Release and Indemnification Form agreeing to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the District from any claims or loss related to the rental.  A copy of the "Facility Rental Release and Indemnification Form" is attached.
Participant Liability: The renter shall obtain a signed Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Form from each program participant or their parent if the participant is under 18 years of age.  A copy of the "Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Form" is attached.
Insurance Requirements: Proof of liability insurance with a minimum coverage of the requirements outlined in Certificate of Insurance Requirements for Use of School Facilities with Community Unit School District 308 named as an "additional insured" on the policy is required. A certificate of insurance must be provided as evidence of this coverage.
Event Purpose: The renter affirms that no event will be held for the purpose of advancing any theories subversive to the constitutions or laws of Illinois or the United States or for the purpose of advocating social or political change by violence.
Weather Closures: When schools are closed on weekdays due to weather conditions, afternoon and evening activities in school facilities will automatically be canceled. Occasionally, activities may be canceled in a particular school or facility due to issues such as plumbing or heating.

Rental Terms

Payment Options: Payments can be made through our online payment portal, or checks may be hand-delivered or mailed to the attention of SD308 Finance Dept, Attn: Facility Rentals, 71 Stone Hill Rd, Oswego, IL. 60543.
Compliance with Student Code of Conduct: Any renter or user using district facilities for activities involving school-age children must ensure compliance with the district's Student Code of Conduct. Any illegal behavior will be referred to the appropriate authorities for legal action, and the rental contract may be terminated immediately by the district if the renter fails to comply with these provisions.
Fees for District Staff: Fees incurred by a renter for utilizing district staff will be charged through this contract in accordance with the Fees for Use of School Facilities. District staff payments will be made through district staff payroll. 
Supervision and Authority: All activities must be under competent adult supervision provided by the renter. The site administrator or other facility manager shall have authority over renters' activities, and the renter shall abide by all requests made by the site administrator or designee. Administrators or other authorized district staff have access to all facilities at any time, and premises must be vacated at the specified times.
Emergency Procedures: All non-school groups must agree to follow appropriate emergency procedures, including calling 9-1-1 for medical emergencies and whenever an AED is used. All non-school-related groups must also follow the District's Plan for Responding to a Medical Emergency at a Physical Fitness Facility, 4:170-AP6. The District does not supply trained AED users during staffed business hours, and participants are encouraged to complete a course of instruction to qualify as trained AED users if they use the physical fitness facility.  Important:  The District will not supervise the activity nor will it supply trained AED users to act as emergency responders at any time, including during staffed business hours.
Minimum Rental Duration: Please be advised that all rentals within the district are subject to a minimum booking duration of three hours for any event. This minimum time frame allows for the efficient and effective use of our facilities to accommodate a wide range of activities and events. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding this requirement as we strive to provide quality service to all our renters.
Property Condition: All district properties must be left in the same condition as when received. The renter's personal property should be removed from the premises immediately upon the contract's completion, unless prior arrangements have been made. The district is not responsible for the renter's personal property during or after the rental period.
Responsibility for Damages: The renting organization shall be held solely responsible for any damages, losses, or liabilities incurred during the use of district facilities. This responsibility encompasses both district property and any personal property or equipment brought onto the premises by the renting organization. Any required repairs or replacements arising from damages shall be at the expense of the renting organization. Additionally, the renting organization is liable for any injuries, losses, or claims related to its use of the facilities, and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold the district harmless against all such claims or losses. This includes damages to facilities, equipment, or any other property, whether owned by the district or any other party, and extends to any bodily harm or personal property damage experienced by event attendees or participants.
Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere on district premises. Refreshments are not to be served or sold on school grounds or in the buildings unless approved by the building administrator and the director of Food Services.
Use of Specialized Facilities: Laboratory facilities, classrooms, and auditoriums will not be rented out without the necessary approvals, and additional equipment rates may apply for rental of these areas. The district shall assign the required lifeguards to supervise the pool during rental activities, with fees charged according to the district fee schedules.
As a general rule, classrooms will not be rented out, unless approved by the site administrator and the assistant superintendent of planning, technology and operations.
Pool Facilities: The district shall furnish the necessary lifeguards to adequately supervise the pool during the rental activity. Fees incurred by a renter for utilizing district staff will be charged through this contract to the renter in accordance with the district fee schedules. District staff must be paid through district staff payroll.
Auditorium facilities: are primarily a laboratory for teaching and learning. Secondarily, the facilities should be used as a showcase for students’ learning, be it in the form of final performance or work in progress. Auditorium facilities are not available for rental on a regular basis, i.e., every Sunday, etc. Use of the auditorium will require the assignment of district operating staff.
  • Private Parties and Celebrations: The use of district facilities for personal or private parties and celebrations, including birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, wedding receptions, and similar activities, is prohibited.
  • Signs and Displays: Signs, displays, or materials may not be permanently attached to school facilities and must be promptly removed at the conclusion of the event.

Other Terms and Conditions

Additional Terms
In addition to the terms and conditions set forth on both sides of the contract for use of school facilities, the following additional terms and conditions shall apply:
Subcontracting: The renter shall not assign or subcontract any facility, or area therein, nor any rights under a contract to another party. Any party other than the renter must execute a separate contract with the district.
Alteration of premises: The renter shall occupy the premises in the condition in which they exist. Should any renter remove or change the location of any equipment, such changes shall be made at their expense and renter shall return such equipment back to the condition and location in which it was originally found. Renter shall make no changes or alterations without prior written approval of the site administrator. No decorative or other materials shall be attached to any part of the rental facilities so as to damage these facilities. All decorative or other materials shall be noncombustible, or be suitably treated with a flame retardant. No fireworks or explosives shall be used on the premises without the direct, separate written consent of the assistant superintendent for planning, technology and operations.
Obstruction of passageways: No portion of sidewalks, entries, passageways, aisles, elevators, windows, ventilators, lighting fixtures or other ways of access to the facilities or their utilities shall be obstructed, or cause to be used for any purpose other than ingress or egress.
Termination of contract loss of facilities: In case of fire, casualty or other unforeseen occurrence which render the district unable to provide contracted facilities, said contract shall be immediately terminated, and district shall not be liable for any claims or damages resulting therefrom. Renter shall be liable only for payments during the time premises were used.
Rescheduling: The District reserves the right to reschedule any or all facility rentals, and in such cases, a building representative will notify the renter via email and/or phone call.
Termination of Contract: The District reserves the right to terminate a rental contract with or without notice if the renter violates any of the terms and conditions specified herein or abuses the privilege of using school facilities.
Special interest groups: Regular use of facilities by special interest groups shall be limited. Special interest groups are designated as Class III. A rental of facilities for special interest groups will be renewed every six months, with a maximum of four renewals. Executing a new contract after the two-year term is subject to district review. A renewal after six months is the responsibility of the contract holder.
Compliance with law: Renters of district facilities shall comply with all laws of the United States, state of Illinois, and applicable city/village ordinances, including any rules and regulations contained herein for the facilities owned and under the control of the district. Violations by the renter may result in cancellation of a contract, and immediate discontinuance of the use of facilities.
All events are subject to a cancellation fee should they be canceled with at least 48 hours notice. Should an organization not show up for the scheduled event and/or not notify the facility secretary of the cancellation, full room and staff fees will apply. All cancellations must be in writing via email or fax (630) 636-3196.
Special Facilities
Athletic and Outdoor Facilities
Reservation of Outdoor Facilities: Under normal circumstances, outdoor facilities, including tennis courts, outdoor basketball, and volleyball courts, are generally not available for reservations. Contracts may be issued to groups for organized activities during specific recreational seasons. However, certain outdoor facilities may have pre-existing Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) with Park Districts and/or contracts with community organizations, which may prioritize or exclusively reserve their use. Priority scheduling for outdoor facilities shall be granted to SD308 programs, programs with IGAs in effect, and community organizations with established contracts. All organizations seeking to use school fields or outside facilities must adhere to the terms and conditions, as well as staff and rental fees based on their classification.
Commercial Use of Grounds: Any commercial use of outdoor facilities is subject to additional fees and charges outlined in the Facility Fees document, which are subject to change.
Maintenance Responsibilities: The Renter is responsible for properly preparing and maintaining playing fields and related facilities during the period of their use.
Field and Facility Conditions: The Renter is required to return the fields and facilities to the same condition as they were found at the end of the rental period. The Site Administrator and/or the Director of Buildings and Grounds shall determine whether damages or maintenance were not completed by the renter.
Costs for Repairs: In cases where outdoor athletic fields or facilities suffer damage due to the renter's use, the District shall perform the necessary repairs, and the associated costs will be billed back to the renter.
Supervision and Cleanup: The Renter is responsible for supervising their participants and attendees and providing adequate adult leadership for both children and adults in the areas used. This responsibility extends to parking lots and immediate surrounding areas. Furthermore, the Renter must ensure that all rented areas are cleaned and left in good order. If the organization fails to do so, fees for District personnel to perform cleanup will be incurred.
Field Preparation: Unless an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) or contract is in place, the Renter is responsible for preparing fields for their program.
Non-Interference: Renter programs must not interfere with any SD308 programs at the site in any way.
Modification of Premises: No modification of school premises is allowed without the prior written approval of the Superintendent. All modifications are subject to the terms outlined in Board of Education Policy 8:150, "Improvement to School Sites or School Facilities." Any approved permanent modifications will become the property of the District.
Authority and Jurisdiction: The Renter has no authority or jurisdiction over District property or improvements, except for the purpose of supervising the premises during their scheduled activities.
Operating Hours: All activities must conclude by or before 10 p.m., and if field lights are in use, they must be turned off no later than 10 p.m. Baseball games must not commence after 9:30 p.m. unless otherwise agreed upon by an Oswego Community Unit School District 308 facility representative. 
Authorized Access: Only authorized adults are allowed in press boxes or on photography platforms.
Public Address Systems: If public address systems are used, they must operate at a volume that does not disturb households adjacent to the premises.
Concessions Stands: Concession stands shall only operate during scheduled games, and operation and equipment use are subject to fees based on the organization's classification. Dispensing glass containers or other breakable articles at concession stands is strictly prohibited.
Safety and Weather Concerns: Building administration and grounds/custodial staff members at the rented site have sole discretion to cancel and/or postpone field events in cases of weather concerns or field conditions. This decision prioritizes participant safety and facility preservation.
Applicable Rules: All other rules and regulations of the District relating to rental contracts for the use of school facilities, as detailed in the "Rules, Regulations and Fees for Rental of School Property," shall also apply to contracts for outside facilities and are legally binding on the renter.
Physical Fitness Facilities:
Adult Supervision: The non-school-related group must designate at least one adult supervisor who agrees to be an emergency responder and ensure that emergency responders are trained in CPR and AED use. The District's plan for responding to medical emergencies must be given to each designated emergency responder, and all procedures outlined in the plan must be followed.
District Response Plan: A copy of the District's Plan for Responding to a Medical Emergency at a Physical Fitness Facility has been provided.  (77 Ill.Admin.Code 527.800(c).  Important:  State law encourages all non-District coaches, instructors, judges, referees, or other similarly situated non-District anticipated rescuers who use the physical fitness facility in conjunction with the supervision of physical fitness activities to complete a course of instruction that would qualify them as a trained AED user under Ill.las (410 ILCS 4/10; 77 Ill.Admin.Code 527.100).
9-1-1- Requirement: Require that 9-1-1 be called for medical emergencies and whenever an AED is used.  
AED: Ensure that each designated emergency responder knows the location of first aid equipment and any AED.  
AED Training: Ensure that only trained AED users operate an AED, unless the circumstances do not allow time for a trained AED user to arrive.  
Emergency Responder: Arrange for at least one emergency responder to have a tour of the facility before the activity.  
AED/9-1-1 Notification: Ensure that if an AED is used, the Superintendent or Designee is informed and all appropriate forms are completed.
Performing Arts Centers Facilities
Additional Fees: Additional fees for equipment, technology, ticketing, and other services are applicable to the use of the Performing Arts Center. Details regarding these fees can be found in the facility fee table.
Ticketed Events: Events that involve the sale of tickets are subject to supplementary fees, as detailed in the facility fee table.
Emergency Notification: In the event of an emergency, rental organizations bear the responsibility of promptly notifying the on-site Performing Arts Center management. Additionally, they may be required to complete specific forms or provide documentation related to the incident. 
Applicable Rules: All other rules and regulations of the District regarding the rental of school facilities, as set forth in the "Rules, Regulations and Fees for Rental of School Property," shall also apply to contracts for Performing Arts Center facilities and are legally binding on the renter.
Kitchen Facilities
  • Kitchen Approval: Kitchen facilities shall not be used unless approved by the director of Food Services and under the supervision of qualified staff provided.
Detailed Explanation of Staff Fees
  • Supervision, Cleaning, and Technical Assistance: When the use of District facilities and equipment requires supervision, cleaning or technical assistance in connection with the intended purpose or timing of the rental, District staff will be assigned at the District’s discretion and staff fees charged to the renter as part of the Contract in accordance with the Fee Schedule. These fees will apply to renters who may otherwise be exempt from facility fees.
  • Wages: All wages earned by District-assigned staff in connection with a rental must be paid through District payroll. These wages may be paid only from fees collected in connection with the facility use and not directly by the renter.
  • Staff Assignment Determination: The requirement for staff assignment in connection with the rental is contingent upon the specific circumstances of each event. The ultimate decision regarding staff assignment will be the responsibility of the designated facility rental manager within the Oswego Community Unit School District 308, such as the Principal, Theater Manager, or other pertinent authorities. This determination will be based on the specific requirements of the event and will not be at the discretion of the community facility use group.
  • Staff Payment: The District will process these payments through Payroll; therefore, each student would complete an application, W-4 and have a parental permission form completed. These forms would be sent to Human Resources and a Payroll Request would be generated enabling Payroll to pay the student once the time slip was received. Students would be paid according to the established Time Slip payment schedule. This procedure is intended for students working on productions connected with Facility Rentals only.
Explanation of Common, Non-Exhaustive, Staff Roles
Custodial Staff:
  • A custodian must be present throughout the duration of the contract, especially during rental times when the regular building custodian is not on duty. This includes weekends, holidays, and hours outside the typical work schedule.
  • Custodial fees during non-standard hours will typically be charged at a rate of time and a half, as specified in the Fee Schedule.
  • Facility rentals impose service and cleaning demands beyond standard daily use. Thus, weekday Custodial Service fees, as detailed in the organization Classifications in Appendix A, will be applied.
  • If the Building Principal deems that additional custodial assistance is necessary during a rental, custodial staffing may be added to the Contract. This is usually the case when the rental involves increased supervision, assistance, or cleaning requirements extending beyond the custodians' on-duty hours.
  • When custodial staff is necessary, their responsibilities include opening and closing the facilities (including security systems), overseeing the facility (not the program), adjusting lighting, heating and cooling systems, accommodating authorized equipment needs of the renter, and serving as a point of contact for emergencies. Cleaning of rented facilities can be conducted during scheduled use upon the renter's request. If an event is not canceled or the renter fails to show up, custodians will remain on-site for no more than two hours after the scheduled rental start time, and the renter will be invoiced for this time.
Security/Safety Staff:
  • District-provided security staff may be required if the Building Principal determines that a rental event necessitates crowd control or additional security measures.
  • Costs for District security personnel or other security staff (e.g., off-duty police) required during a rental event will be included in the Contract, and the staff will be paid by the District.
  • It is recommended that for any rental of the auditorium or gymnasium where more than 150 people are expected to attend, a security person should be assigned and their charges should be included in the Contract. Arrangements for staff and reporting of their time to payroll will be handled by the Building Principal.
Events Coordinator:
  • Tournament events using athletic facilities may require a coach facilitator to oversee the event.
Other Staff Costs:
  • The designated facility rental manager within the Oswego Community Unit School District 308, such as the Principal, Theater Manager, or other pertinent authorities may deem additional staffing necessary for a Contract.  If the fee is not specified in the Fee Schedule, please contact the Facility Secretary for further information.
Student Staffing:
  • Students are often engaged to assist with various aspects of a production, serving as "stage crew." Their roles may encompass tasks such as set design, lighting, sound, and more.
  • If students are not volunteering for credit, they will be compensated at the prevailing hourly rate based on their experience level as determined by the District.

Agreement Statement

I have read and agree to all of the terms and conditions for rental of district facilities.
Agreement Statement for Digital Consent:
I have carefully reviewed and hereby provide my electronic consent to adhere to all the terms and conditions pertaining to the rental of district facilities. I acknowledge and embrace the duties and commitments delineated in this agreement and commit to their observance for the entirety of the rental period. By signing electronically or providing digital consent through the system, I affirm my dedication to guaranteeing the responsible use and upkeep of the facilities in accordance with the regulations established by the Oswego Community Unit School District 308.