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The goal of the music department is to foster instruction for creating, performing, responding to, and connecting to music. We acknowledge that music enables children to acquire skills and knowledge that can be developed in no other way. 
All students participating in full-day kindergarten through fifth grade will participate in music education. This instruction happens for a total of 60 minutes a week, typically broken into two times a week for 30 minutes each.
The music curriculum team in School District 308, created a standards-aligned curriculum designed to instruct and assess students in four main categories: Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting. All standards are based on the Illinois Arts Learning Standards that are in coordination with the National Association for Music Education (NAfME) and the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards (NCCAS).
To learn more about these standards and organizations, please click on the links provided below:
Music Curriculum

Music Curriculum

Grade 4-5 Honor Choir
Honor Choir is an extra-curricular performing group offered at the elementary level.  Honor Choir is a volunteer group and is open to all interested fourth and fifth grade students.  Honor Choir meets once per week before school.  Honor Choir may meet during the spring semester, or throughout the year, at the discretion of the director.