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The Illinois Social Science Standards fall into two complementary categories: inquiry skills and disciplinary concepts. Inquiry skills involve questioning, investigating, reasoning, and responsible action while disciplinary concepts make use of social science ideas, principles, and content to pursue answers to the questions generated by student inquiries. The inquiry skills are used simultaneously with the disciplinary concepts.
Disciplinary Concepts:
  • Civics
  • Economics/ Financial Literacy
  • Geography 
  • History
For more information about the Illinois Social Science Standards visit the Illinois State Board of Education site.
Social Studies Curriculum

Social Studies Curriculum


The K-5 social studies curriculum is designed to allow students to explore their natural curiosities as they relate to the disciplinary concepts. The inquiry units allow students to ask questions and use a variety of tools and resources to seek their answers. Students share the answers to their research questions by creating inquiry projects.


  • Good Citizens
  • Our Country
  • All About Work

First Grade

  • Being a Good Citizen
  • People and Money
  • Celebrating America

Second Grade

  • Today and Long Ago
  • Geography and Me
  • Learning About Laws

Third Grade

  • Adapting in My Community Here and Around the World
  • The Community and Its Environment
  • Economics of Communities

Fourth Grade

  • Geography
  • History and Civics
  • Civics and Economics

Fifth Grade

  • Cultural Interactions
  • The Road to Independence
  • A Changing Nation