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District 308 employees are paid on a semi-monthly basis.  Paychecks are issued on the 15th and 30th of each month.

Teacher assistants and school-term transportation employees are paid on a 19-pay schedule for the school year (August 30 to May 30th).  
All other employees are paid on a 24-pay schedule.  Your hourly pay or salary will be spread equally over the pay period schedule.

Timecards are due to payroll at the finance office by the due dates below.  Any time cards received after those dates will be applied to the next pay period.

Any discrepancies must be reported within 72 hours of the current pay date.  
Non-certified employees with payroll questions, contact

Certified employees with payroll questions , contact
Please refrain from submitting more than one response/question.  Questions are responded to in the order in which they are received.