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 Person holding a heart and brain vector.

Explicit SEL instruction

SEL standards are taught and reinforced. Students have consistent opportunities to practice, and reflect on social and emotional competencies.

Explicit instruction on common expectations for behavior

Common expectations for behavior are created with students, shared, taught, and reinforced at the classroom and school level.

SEL integrated with academic instruction

SEL learning targets are shared with students and integrated into instructional content and teaching strategies in all classrooms.

Youth voice and engagement

Staff honor and elevate a broad range of student perspectives and experiences by engaging students as leaders, problem solvers, and decision-makers.
 Figurative People forming a circle and holding hands.

Supportive school and classroom climates

Schoolwide and classroom learning environments are supportive, culturally responsive, and focused on building relationships and community.
Instruction is engaging, relevant and accessible to all. SD308 Engagement expectations

Staff SEL

Staff have regular opportunities to cultivate their own social, emotional, and cultural competence, collaborate with one another, build trusting relationships, and maintain a strong community.

Supportive discipline

Discipline policies and practices are instructive, restorative, supportive of growth, and equitably applied.