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CUSD 308 offers all students the opportunity to be in band and choir at the junior high level. Students in band and choir meet every day as a part of their regular class schedule. It is possible for students to be in both band and choir throughout their junior high experience. Each school has three grade level ensembles for band and choir respectively. Students can expect 6th grade band and choir to be an introductory experience into instrumental and vocal music. The junior high music staff is pleased to have a long history of excellence with multiple students selected to perform in the ILMEA District 9 Festivals, All-Illinois Junior Band, and other selective ensembles. In addition, various ensembles from the different junior highs have been selected to perform at state and nationally recognized festivals and conferences. 
Students can expect to perform several concerts throughout the year as well as our district wide Fine Arts Festival every year.

How to Join

Students who are interested in joining band and choir at the junior high level should be on the lookout for information during the 2nd semester of each school year. Junior high directors will reach out to the 5th graders with information on how to join!
Please note that there is no experience necessary to be in band and choir at the junior high level.
If you are a 7th or 8th grade student who is interested in joining band and choir, please reach out to the junior high band or choir director individually to see how you can join us!

School Specific Information

You can find the details of each school's recruitment plan by directly contacting the school's band and choir director.