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Junior High Honors Placement Appeal Process

Junior High Honors Placement Appeal Process

Delivery Information
Email appeal paperwork to the Director of Junior High Education.
Drop Off
Drop off paperwork: 
Attn: Director of Junior High Education
4175 Rt. 71, Oswego, IL 60543 (Door 3)
Submission Deadline
All appeals should be submitted between May 1 and May 31.  No appeals will be accepted after May 31.
Appeal Timeline
  • The parent or guardian completes the Junior High Honors Placement Appeal form and submits the form along with any relevant documentation to the Director of Junior High.
  • District administration will review and gather any additional evidence needed to make a placement decision.
  • Once the review of evidence is complete, parents will be notified of the result of the appeal.
  • For additional clarification, please contact your child’s school administration or the Director of Junior High Education.
Evidence to Support Placement in Honors Courses
Please submit a copy of any information you as the parent may have that supports each of these areas along with the request for the appeal.
Parent/s or Guardian/s provide:
Student Achievement Data
  • Achievement test reports (if any) from outside School District 308. Only data from other school district testing will be accepted.
  • Evidence of learning disability or other factors that may have resulted in poor test performance on any indicators used in the screening and identification process. Only diagnoses from psychologists within a recognized school unit will be accepted.
District provides:
Student Achievement Data
  • FastBridge and IAR Data
Observation Data
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Anecdotal evidence as needed and available
Student Performance Data
  • Student’s grades over the past three years
  • Classroom performance data
Appeal Instructions for Gifted
Visit the Gifted Appeal Page for Instructions and Form.
Junior High Appeals Resources

Junior High Appeals Resources