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Music Therapy is the use of music based interventions to work on non-musical goals. it is an established health profession and defined as a related service by the u.s. department of education. a music therapist must have a bachelors degree or higher from a board approved college, complete 1200 hours of clinical training (internship) and pass a board certified exam to practice. music therapy sessions in district 308 address social, emotional, cognitive, communication, sensory and motor goals. each group is individualized to the students strengths, needs, goals and preferences.
About the Therapist

About the Therapist

Megan Stiefken attended the University of Illinois as a music performance major. She finished her BA in Music Therapy in 2002 and Masters in Music Therapy in 2005 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.  She has been a practicing board certified music therapist for 20 years, with a focus on children with Developmental Disabilities and Autism. Megan has been working as a Music Therapist in District 308 for four years. Megan has two boys in District 308, one in 9th grade and one in 12th grade.
 "Where words fail, MUSIC speaks"
Megan Stiefken

Buildings Served for 2022-2023: Brokaw Early Learning, Plank, Thompson, Homestead, Wolf Crossing, Churchill, Hunt Club, Wheatlands, OHS, Fox Chase, Eastview Academy and Southbury.