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Schedules change. Buses run late. Emergencies occur.
District 308’s instant alert system quickly informs parents of such situations.
Emergency Messages

Emergency Messages

Within minutes, a message about a school or district emergency can be sent to students’ homes and emergency contacts. Emergency messages are sent for weather situations, school closings, bus delays, lockdowns, or any situation that dictates us to immediately communicate with parents. Emergency messages are sent to a student’s primary number, five additional emergency numbers, and through email.
Outreach Messages

Outreach Messages

Our alert notification system is used for much more than just emergencies. The most common messages sent to parents are "outreach" messages that keep parents up-to-date on the many activities taking place at school. These messages are used to improve school-to-home communication, encourage parent involvement, and reduce the amount of paper notices being sent home with students. Special event and meeting reminders, notifications from the school nurse, and schedule updates from teams and clubs are all messages that can be targeted to reach specific groups of students within the district. Outreach messages are sent only to a student's primary number and through email. Outreach messages are typically sent between 5:30 and 6 p.m.
Please Note:
  • Emergency messages can be sent in Spanish if the parent designates this preference on the district form. However, if this option is chosen, all messages—including those to the emergency contacts—will be sent in Spanish.
  • If a busy signal is received by the system, two additional attempts will be made to contact the number.
  • Emergency alert information such as weather closings is also posted on the District 308 website.
  • Parents of District 308 students are automatically enrolled in the alert notification system at the time of registration.
  • For the system to work properly, parents need to make sure their information is kept up-to-date. Information updated in a school's student information database is automatically updated in the district's alert notification system; so please notify your child's school of any contact information changes.
For the system to work properly, parents need to make sure their information is kept up-to-date. The district wants you to be informed. Please help by regularly updating your contact information.