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District Leadership

Dr. Andalib Khelghati

Dr. Andalib Khelghati

Superintendent of schools

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Areas of Responsibility 
  • Human Resources
  • Student Services
  • Communications
  • Oversight of Daily Operations of the District
dr. heather kincaid

dr. heather kincaid

Deputy Superintendent

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Areas of Responsibility:
  • Student Services, High School Education, Junior High School Education, Student Information Systems, Culture and Climate & MTSS, Data & Accountability, School Safety & Security, Central Registration
  • Building Community: Using data from multiple sources such as 5Essentials and Student Behavior data, Student Services provides intentional and ongoing professional development and coaching that includes social emotional learning strategies for students and adults in order to create strong communities within the school and district
  • Attendance: Meets monthly with 23 schools to discuss student attendance concerns and develops individual student attendance plans of support. Students that continue to demonstrate attendance concerns, Student Services conducts a District Attendance Hearing with the student, family and the school to continue to develop plans of support such as an Attendance Contract
  • MKV/Foster Care: Student Services case manages over 140 students who are experiencing home insecurity by connecting students and families with internal and external resources. Student Services also facilitates Best Interest Determination meetings (that include DCFS) for foster care students who change placements during the school year
  • MTSS: Creating a strong foundation of Tier 1 instructional support for both social emotional learning and academics, Student Services provides explicit and implicit Tier 1 instructional strategies. In collaboration with building and district leadership, Student Services provides clearly defined procedure and protocol for evidence based Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions.
  • Student Information System (SIS): The SIS team implements and manages PowerSchool as well as creating, monitoring, and submitting all district and school State and National data
  • Central Registration: The Central Registration team is responsible for processing all new student, Early Childhood, and Kindergarten registrations, residency affidavit renewal, Attendance Transfer Requests, student and family demographic changes, and returning student registration for 17000+ students annually
  • Safety and Security: The Student Services team aims to support an educational environment that is physically and psychologically safe for students by implementing safety and security protocols and providing professional learning opportunities to all staff on emergency response
  • Crisis Management: The Student Services team responds and provides direct support to buildings in experiencing crisis events and emergency situations for all students and staff
Mr. Raphael Obafemi

Mr. Raphael Obafemi

Chief Financial Officer/CSBO

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Areas of Responsibility 
  • Finance, Technology, Operations, Maintenance, Capital Projects, Food Service
  • Bookkeeping: District Accounts Payable, Receivable, Bank Reconciliations
  • Food Service: Aramark and Food Service Management, Direct Certs, Free/Reduced Meal Applications
  • Payroll: All Certified, non-Certified, Unions, Timecard Entry
  • Student Accounts & Billing: Accounting, Fee Collection, Fee Waivers, Payment Plans
  • District Financials: Budgets, Levy, Bonds, Contracts, Bids
  • Vendors, Purchasing, PCards, Reimbursement: Vendor Maintenance, IV Approval Process, Audit Purchasing, Reciepts
  • Audits & Grants: Compiling information for audits
Ms. Faith Dahlquist

Ms. Faith Dahlquist

Associate Superintendent for Educational Services

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Areas of Responsibility 
  • Improvement of Instruction, Alignment of Interventions, Professional Development, School Improvement, Principal Coaching, English Learners, Special Education, Assessment
  • Improvement of Instruction: Create and support common expectations for instructional practices including professional development, monitoring implementation, and measuring equitable impact
  • Alignment of Interventions: Create and support common expectations for academic interventions including professional development, monitoring implementation and measuring impact
  • Professional Development: Personalize and differentiate coaching and professional development opportunities for staff to prepare them to meet the unique needs of all students
  • School Improvement: Monitor and support school improvement plans
  • Principal Coaching: Provide support, professional development and evaluation for principals
  • English Learners: Ensure a high quality education within the continuum of services for students needing English Learner services and/or selecting Dual Language
  • Special Education: nsure a high quality education within the continuum of services for students needing individualized education programs or 504 services
  • Assessment: Coordinate assessment and use of data to drive academic instructional changes
dr. jadon waller

dr. jadon waller

Assistant Superintendent - Equity and Engagement

Jadon Waller Banner
Areas of Responsibility 
  • Data Collection and Analysis, Policy Development, Support Curriculum Development, Curriculum Resources, Community Partnerships, Professional Learning & Development, Amplify Student Voices, Support District Services
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Collect and analyze data on student outcomes, faculty representation, and campus climate to monitor progress and identify areas that need attention
  • Policy Development: Develop and revise institutional policies and procedures related to equity and rightful  presence, including anti-discrimination policies and harassment policies; in addition to mobilizing our diversity, equity, and rightful presence district statements
  • Support Curriculum Development: Develop and revise curricula to incorporate diverse perspectives, cultures, and voices, ensuring that students are exposed to a more inclusive and equitable educational experience
  • Curriculum Resources: Develop and maintain a library of resources, materials, and tools to support educators in incorporating diverse perspectives and topics into their teachings
  • Community Partnerships: Engage with the broader community to build partnerships and promote the celebration of diversity, the space for rightful presence, and support the equity efforts both within and outside the district
  • Professional Learning & Development: Develop a systemic professional learning program to provide training and professional development opportunities for educators and staff on topics such as cultural competence, implicit bias, and inclusive teaching practices.
  • Amplify Student Voices: Offer and provide spaces to amplify students' voices from marginalized backgrounds, as well as create and provide events, workshops, and resources to educate students about equity, diversity, rightful presence, and social justice issues
  • Support District Services: Support recruitment and retention of staff from diverse backgrounds and support the implementation of restorative practices and disciplinary outcomes
bryan zwemke, ed.d

bryan zwemke, ed.d

assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

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Areas of Responsibility 
  • Retention Strategies, Compensation and Benefits, Employee Relations, Collective Bargaining, Creating Partnerships, Evaluation, Wellness, Recruitment and Selection
  • Retention Strategies: Developing and implementing programs and initiatives aimed at retaining high-quality staff, fostering job satisfaction, and promoting professional growth
  • Compensation and Benefits: Managing compensation packages, including salaries, bonuses, and benefits, to ensure competitive and equitable compensation for all staff members.
  • Employee Relations: Cultivating a positive and inclusive work environment, addressing workplace concerns, and promoting effective communication and collaboration among staff
  • Collective Bargaining: Collaborating with collective bargaining groups to negotiate fair and sustainable employment agreements that benefit both employees and the district
  • Creating Partnerships: Establishing partnerships with universities and colleges to promote teacher education and development. Implementing teacher residency programs and "Grow Your Own" initiative to support the training and retention of local educators. Maintaining connections with alumni to foster a sense of community and provide ongoing support.
  • Evaluation: Supports evaluation of certified and non-certified staff across the district
  • Wellness: Administering comprehensive insurance and benefits programs that support the health, well-being, and financial security of employees and their families
  • Recruitment and Selection: Identifying and attracting diverse and qualified candidates for various positions within the school district, ensuring a strong talent pipeline