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Parent Groups

Parent-School Organizations

District 308 schools are generously supported by the efforts of its parent organizations. The individuals in these groups have graciously volunteered countless hours of time and effort to help our students thrive. From fund raising, assistance at school events, and the development of special programs to communicating with parents to keep them informed about their children’s education, the parent/school relationship is a critical and valued partnership. District 308 so strongly believes in the partnership between the school and families that it is the cornerstone of the district’s mission.
The district encourages parents to join their children in forming a close relationship with their school. By working together towards a common goal, everyone—especially our children—will benefit. 
Please contact your child's school building secretary directly for more information regarding the parent organization.

Association of Latino Parents for Higher Academic Achievement (ALPHAA)

We are a group of Oswego East parents who want to support our students and families attaining higher academic achievement. 

Help our students reach their academic dreams, especially at the post-secondary level.              
​Be a bridge of resources and information for parents and students so that, together as a Latinx community, we can achieve higher academic goals.
Collaboratively work with Oswego East staff and administration to help close the achievement and college and careers gap of Latinx students.

Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee (BPAC)

BPAC is a group of bilingual parents with English learner (EL) students. The purpose of the group is to form a collaborative union amongst school district parents, teachers, and administrators. In addition, parents have access to professional development activities to support their student’s progress in school. BPAC also participates in the review of spending of grant funds.

Exceptional Parents of Exceptional Children (EPEC)

What EPEC is:
A liaison between the district and parents of exceptional children 
A support group for parents 
A resource for schools and their HSA/HSO/PTO/PTA 

Family Support Program

Family Support Program: Our goal is to bring support and fun to the families of our youngest friends in the district. Our program is open to all Community Unit District 308 families with children five years and younger not yet attending Kindergarten. Our program is a collaboration between School District 308, families, and the community.

Parents for Education and Global Success (PEGS)

Parents for Education & Global Success
To work collaboratively with CUSD308 as a parent body to ensure that an optimal education experience is afforded to African American Students.